Administrative & Operational Policies

Grant Administrative & Operational Policies

The Title III Grant is a partnership within Inver Hills Community College and Dakota County Technical College. These colleges are a part of the Minnesota State College system, and must comply with Minnesota State College Board Policy.

See Minnesota State College Board Policy:

See Inver Hills Community College Policy:

See Dakota County Technical College Policy:

Administrative & Operational Policies

External Evaluations

External Evaluations

As written in the grant, the Title III Grant will conduct a yearly External Evaluation. The grant has an agreement with:

Judy Taylor, President

JCCI Resource Development Services, Inc.

3 Central Plaza #357

Rome, GA 30161

A contract will be signed each year in accordance with the Minnesota State Colleges and University policies.

The contractor will provide a summative and prescriptive evaluation of the Title III grant that is held jointly between Inver Hills Community College and Dakota County Community College. This is evaluation will include analysis of data, site visit to both Colleges and a final report that meets the needs and the standards of the Grant Agency.

External Evaluations