Since the first Honors Study To2012_honors_logopic was introduced in 1968, the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society has been embracing the Honors in Action project as a symbol of its four hallmarks: service, fellowship, leadership, and scholarship. The Honors in Action project engages students in the exploration of the society’s honors topic by using collaborative research skills, strategic planning, leadership, and the development of a common goal.

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In 2010 we had huge success with our project titled B.R.E.A.T.H.E., which is a way to give students the skills necessary to succeed in online education. In 2014, our Honors in Action project was focused on fighting negative body image and eating disorders. In 2015, the purpose of our project was to promote acceptance and success of students with disabilities at Inver Hills Community College. In doing so we hope to reduce the stigma and raise awareness about disabilities. Our project was very rewarding. If you have an idea for next years Honors in Action Project please share it with us.

The College Project is another project that we complete each year. We meet with Inver Hills President, Tim Wynes, to come up with list of wants/needs of our campus. In 2015 we focused on raising awareness about the resources that we have at Inver because we wanted to help make them be more accessible for students.

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