Phi Theta Kappa November 4th Meeting Minutes

Phi Theta Kappa Minutes Meeting November 4th , 2014

Meeting Time: 3:05- 3:57 p.m. in CC 117

  • Call to Order (3:05p.m.)
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes
  • Items for Induction
    • The Chapter wants to purchase a steamer for the banner, to be used at Induction. This purchase would be around $40.
    • The Chapter also wants to replace one table cloth that ended up getting ruined from the drycleaners. This purchase would cost around $150.
  • Project updates
    • The College Project is coming along nicely, there is going to be two days of presentations/workshops in the Green Room. There is also going to be one day for tabling from 11am- 3pm.
      • We want to get advertisement out about this event, thought of using a trifold to be placed in the lunch area.
    • Honors in Action is starting to take its first steps out of the research stage, and start planning some events to be held in the Green Room.
      • The Honors in Action team broke out into a small group after the meeting was over with to look at common threads in the articles researched on.
  • Highway Clean-up is coming up, dates to follow.
  • Student Senate Representatives
    • Christy, Elena and Derrik have been attending the Student Senate Meetings for the Chapter.
  • Congratulated Jon Wood and Amanda Lilgreen on becoming 2015 Faculty Scholars for Honors Institute.
  • Started looking forward to the 2015 International Conference.
    • The Chapter wanted to start looking at what the costs of attending this Conference would be person etc. and Letter of Intent will start to be completed by people wanting to go to this event.
  • A survey will be sent out to members helping to decide when a good time to have meetings will be.
  • Leadership Event
    • Derrik will be putting on a Leadership Event on Tuesday, November 25th from 1:30pm to 3pm in FA292.
  • Adjourned (3:57 p.m.)

People Present: Nicki, Jackson, Elena, Vicky, Christy, Nestor, Nicolette, and Derrik.

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