Phi Theta Kappa Meeting Minutes September 30th

Phi Theta Kappa Minutes Meeting September 30th, 2014

Meeting Time: 3:40 p.m.- 4:09 p.m. in CC 117

  • Call to Order (3:40 p.m.)
  • Roll Call
  • Regional Update
    • The Devil’s Lake Conference could have gone better, technology wasn’t the greatest.
  • Conference Day of Duties Reminders
    • A sheet was passed around for people to fill in duties for the day of the Fall Conference.
  • College Project Update
    • Jackson is almost done with an email that will be sent out asking clubs if they want to help with this project. Some clubs will be asked in person.
  • Recap of Student Success Day
    • Went good. Christy posted information about the keynote speaker on D2L.
  • Induction
    • The Chapter voted on having Tom Reis as the speaker at the Fall Induction. An email has been sent out asking him if he can make it. Nestor motioned for this vote, Nicolette second it.
    • Considered sent out physical invites to people, instead of doing an electronic version.
  • Some new business discussed rather quickly
    • Sociology Conference is October 9th & 10th.
    • The Chapter voted on keeping the Adopt a Highway going. Nestor motioned for this vote and Christy seconded it.
    • The Chapter discussed having a president update with Tim, possibly having him come to one of the meetings.
    • The Chapter wants to start looking towards completing goals for the Five Star Status.
  • The first half of the meeting was designated in the library to focus on obtaining information on how we can find articles relating to our Honors in Action Topic.
  • Adjourned (4:09 p.m.)

People Present: Nicki, Jackson, Elena, Vicky, Christy, Nestor, Derrik and Sarah

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