Phi Theta Kappa August 26th Meeting Minutes

Phi Theta Kappa Minute Meeting August 26th, 2014

Meeting Time: 3:09 p.m.- 4:02 p.m. in CC 117

  • Call to Order (3:09 p.m.)
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes –>APPROVED!
  • Kick-Off
    • Kick Off went really well! Got many people to up for information.
  • HIA and College Project
    • Jackson said he could lead the College Project. He brought up splitting up into “teams” like last year. We have made progress on both projects, but more is to follow!
  • Scrapbook Update
    • The group discussed making a scrapbook, that it would be about half professional, and the other half fun.
  • Upcoming Fall Conference
    • The group went over the schedule and discussed ideas for this Conference. Nicki suggested us to start checking out food and fellowship options now, so we have time to decide.
    • The conference is Friday, October 3rd and Saturday, October 4th. Times and schedule to follow.
    • Richard’s Farewell Dinner is on Friday, September 5th, starting at 6 p.m.
  • Welcome Week and C4 Banner Placement
    • Welcome Week is right around the corner! The group discussed hanging the C4: Commit to Complete Banner up on this week. We also talked about having the Banner available whenever we table in the future.
  • Bios and “Family Tree”
    • Nicolette brought up the idea of having our pictures/bios about each of the officers somewhere, either on campus or on the website.
  • Position Notebooks
    • Each officer is asked to put together a position notebook, displaying what the duties of that officer position are. You can see Nicki, Nicolette, or Christy for an example!
  • Student Success Day
    • SSD is on Tuesday, September 23rd. We will be having two session times, one in the morning and one in the evening! Exact times to follow!
    • Looking Forward
    • The group discussed some future events, including a Research Conference, doing the Polar Plunge, working with Student Senate, and using Google Docs.
  • Adjourned (4:02 p.m.)

People Present: Nicki, Nicolette, Jackson, Elena, Vicky, Christy

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