Meeting Minutes September 12th, 2016

Started 4:00 pm


Introductions – something unique about each other. Introduced three new members.


Officer Reports – Cheryl has been a busy bee getting a lot done.


Officer Elections – anonymously and consensually agreed on Anh being our VP Leadership, Loren B. being our VP Fellowship, Rayne being our new Treasurer, and Cody being our Historian. We still need a VP Scholarship and Secretary.


Honors In Action – Briefly discussed. Will talk more tomorrow.


Fall Conference – We talked about adding possible speakers, what is going to occur, talked about things we need to order and fixing the schedule. We all also need to make sure we know if we are attending or not by our next meeting on Monday.


Induction – Loren and I are aware we are speaking during the induction. The 11th, 12th, 13th are dates we will be practicing our rehearsal. We should decide on Monday the for sure date. We decided on Loren’s professor being extended the offer of being our faculty speaker. Apparently, the letter update for Nicki is updated. Check into possibly?


Student Sucess Day – Rayne and offered to speak at our student success day.


Ended: 5:06pm

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