ptk_seal_bwThe first steps to accepting membership are to attend an orientation session and to accept membership and pay the one time membership fees. Your personalized pass code to accept membership and directions to do so should be in your invitation letter. If you have questions please email an advisor or call 651-450-3530.

The Phi Theta Kappa Induction is a time to celebrate your accomplishments and to honor the excellent faculty and family members who helped along the way.  The induction starts at 5:00 pm. All inductees must be at the Fine Arts Theater Lobby by 4:30 pm for lineup. Please do not come late. You may risk not being able to participate in induction. If you have not yet completed your application for Phi Theta Kappa membership, and received confirmation of payment for your membership fee, please complete before registering for induction. Please click “register for Induction” below. You will know your registration is complete when you see the confirmation page. Any members who are not registered ahead of time will not be able to be inducted until the next ceremony.


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