Election Next Week

Attention all Inver Hills Community College PTK members: Next week during our officer meeting we will hold another election for Vice President of Scholarship. The job description for Vice President of Scholarship includes:
1) Carefully study PTK International’s Honors in Action Project
2) Plan and lead February-August choice of – and scholarly research on – the Project.
3) Plan and lead Summer-Fall Honors in Action Project.
4) Plan and lead writing of the Project’s required Hallmark Award report Oct. – Jan. Write final copy.
5) Coordinate with Chair of HIA Project.
6) Report on the status of the HIA Project at each meeting.
If you are interested in Vice President of Scholarship, you must come to our officer meeting in FA250 from 1:45 – 2:45 pm on Tuesday, February 23rd. Next week we will also be having Dr. Christina Royal join us as a guest at our officer meeting. She is going to share about ways that the IHCC administration can continue to support PTK. We would love for you to come.

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