Members Meeting TODAY!!!


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TODAY is our October members meeting! We would love to see all of you there. One of our chapter goals is to continue to get members more involved and add members at every meeting.

Today is also the absolute last day to register for Induction… to do so please visit the following link:

Meeting Minutes 10/7/2015

Phi Theta Kappa Meeting October 7th, 2015

Meeting Time: 3:05 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in CC117

  • Call to order 3:05 p.m.
  • Introduction- talked about what officers did this weekend
  • Officer reports – this past week officer have been working on Honors in Action project,

-uploading photos from Regional Conference to the Google Drive,

-preparing for the next officer meeting,

-College Project

  • Advisor Announcements- Winter Conference will be held on March 4-5th
  • International Conference will be held in Washington D.C. on April 6-9th (we are going to be there on the day before on April 5th)
  • Don’t forget about the Transfer Scholarship that is open!!!
  • 5 Star Chapter Plan- poster will be in the office for everyone to see the checklist
  • Regional conference- officers got to know more about PTK, how to become 5 Star

Chapter, time management

  • Chapter’s Historian Dominique announced that she is going to run for International VP for election

Let’s support her as a chapter!!!

  • Member’s Meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 1 p.m. – Cheryl is doing HIA project


  • Buya is doing College Project Update
  • Regional Conference Update
  • Any icebreaker ideas?
  • Induction- Any volunteer on that day?
  • Food is ordered
  • Anyone to pick-up cake and flowers?
  • Rehearsal is on Tuesday, October 13th at 3 p.m.!!!
  • Asana – Buya presented about a Software Asana that is used for team projects
  • There is an iPhone app available if you have an iPhone!!!
  • Adjourned ( 4:00 p.m.)


People Present: Vicky, Nestor, Kayla, Bado, Dominique, Buya, Cheryl, Mandkhai

Thought Spot

Have you visited our updated Thought Spot in the Green Room lately? Last week we posed the question “There are lots of student resources available to you on campus… how do you prefer to get this information?” Stop by this week and let us know!


Fall 2015 Regional Conference

Alpha Omicron Beta Chapter Upcoming Events: We are excited to send 6 members to the Fall 2015 Regional Conference next weekend in Brainerd, MN for a fun Phi Theta Kappa filled weekend! We can’t wait to represent our chapter.October2ndand3rd

Register for Induction!!!

We want to recognize your academic achievement. It’s not too late to register for Induction! If you aren’t sure of the benefits of Phi Theta Kappa or would like more information, we would love to speak with you. Please e-mail or come to our Student Success Day PTK 101 Info Sessions next Wednesday at 11 am or 4 pm.

Follow this link to register for Induction:

dont forget to register for induction

Honors in Action Survey


Part of our Honors in Action project is to survey students, faculty, staff, and administration at Inver Hills Community College and assess their attitudes toward typical situations involving students with disabilities. Your responses should reflect your actual campus experience to the extent possible. Please respond to each item and complete the survey honestly and thoroughly. Thank you for your time and patience!

HIA Assessment


Survey Link:

Inter-Club Meeting on Tuesday

This Tuesday there is an inter-club meeting at 3 pm. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to socialize with other students!

Check out this blog for information about the benefits of joining clubs at Community Colleges:

Interclub Meeting

Friday, Awareness Week 2015

Let’s see how many members we can induct this year! Fall 2015 Induction is scheduled for October 20th at 5 pm. To sign up for induction visit our website: and click on ‘Register for Induction’ on the right-hand side. #PTKfacts #PhiThetaKappa #PhiThetaKappaAwarenessWeek #InverHills

Students Walking Outdoors On University Campus

Students Walking Outdoors On University Campus