Meeting Minutes January 30, 2016

Meeting Time: 4:30 PM

  • Call to order (4:38 PM)
  • Anh and Loren planning ahead to work together on induction in March.
  • New officer assigned to attend student senate meetings (Loren)
  • Members meeting on February 7th.
  • Regional Honors Institute, Feb  23-25. (Thursday 3pm-7pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-3pm)
  • Discussed who can and cannot attend on which days.

Meeting Adjourned: (5:30 PM)

People Present: Sommer, Zach, Anh, Bel, Loren

Our first member meeting!

Would you like to join Phi Theta Kappa? Learn about scholarships? Or just enjoy some mac and cheese while meeting some of the best students at Inver Hills?

Join us Feb 7th on Student Success Day! Meeting time and location: TBD


Meeting Minutes January 23, 2017

Phi Theta Kappa Meeting January 23 2017

Meeting Time: 4:30 PM

  • Call to order (4:31 PM)
  • Election for new officer positions planned for Tuesday, February 7th. Meet during during meeting time.
  •  No updates on college project.
  •  Hallmark updates given. Due date two days from this meeting on January 25th.
  •  First members meeting is on February 7th. Meeting tIme is 4:00pm
  • Start meeting with Icebreaker
  • Presentation on: Benefits of membership, Officer positions, PTK transfer scholarships.
  • Break into smaller groups
  • End meeting with jeopardy
  • Food for members meeting: Mac and cheese bar and lemonade. Fruit tray (with variety) included.
  • Summer Trips:
  • Catalyst. April 6-8. In Nashville Tennessee.
  • Honors Institute, June 5-10 in Chicago, Illinois.
  •  Officer meetings at 4:30pm on Mondays always.

Meeting Adjourned: (5:35 PM)

People Present: Sommer, Cody, Bel, Zach, Anh, Vicky