Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Why Do Pro Bono?

Helping Others

Paralegal students help people in need of legal services who can’t afford it. Students get involved in people’s lives to bring about change and assistance. This work is rewarding, rejuvenating, and reminds students of why they wanted to be a paralegal in the first place.


Pro Bono (volunteer) work will provide paralegal experience, networking opportunities in the legal community, and a place to develop untapped skills. Also, this allows students to be exposed to different areas of law which may assist the student in choosing a career path. Students will apply what they have learned in the classroom to practical real-life situations.

In certain venues, paralegal students will be able to:

  1. Apply the law and legal procedures in rendering direct assistance to lawyers,
  2. Do competent legal research and writing,
  3. Prepare legal documents and interpret laws,
  4. Analyze procedural and substantive legal problems,
  5. Interview client and witnesses, and
  6. Investigate and manage cases.

What a better way to demonstrate some of the objectives of the paralegal program at Inver Hills Community College!

More Information

Feel free to contact your paralegal instructor or the paralegal program at 651-450-3567 or

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