Inver Hills Paralegal Program

What Is Pro Bono?

Pro Bono Publico is a Latin “for the public good”. Simply put, a paralegal provides legal services under a lawyer’s supervision or by legal authority to people, groups or organizations of limited means. Essentially, Pro Bono legal work completed free of charge to those individuals or groups that can’t afford legal fees and court costs.

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. and the Minnesota Paralegal Association state that a paralegal should contribute 24 hours a year of attorney supervised or legally permitted Pro Bono services. (N.F.P.A., Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, EC-1.4.)

The need is great for paralegals and attorneys to serve the public through Pro Bono legal services. This work is rewarding, stimulating, and challenging to volunteer. It will help develop practical paralegal skills, build experience, and introduce paralegals and students to the legal community. But most of all, paralegals will be serving the public who needs the help the most!