Student Stories: Daisy Davies

Paralegal Graduate – Daisy Davies

daviesDuring the time I was searching for a paralegal program, Inver Hills was highly recommended to me. I enjoyed the atmosphere of adult learning and also the flexibility of the program which allow busy adults to plan and juggle full time employment in addition to taking multiple classes. I also enjoyed the variety of classes offered and the life experience that was shared in the class room by the lecturers and even the students!

Being exposed to the experienced lecturers, and hands on training are definitely strengths of the program. Some lecturers offered trips to the court house that enabled me personally to get a taste of real life in this paralegal profession. I was really impressed that the program director was always around to assist with any problems and also very easy to talk to.  I thought overall communication in this program among faculty and students was outstanding – doors were always open!

I feel blessed having to do my studies at Inver Hills concurrently with my position as a paralegal. It was a great benefit to bring back to my desk what I learned in the classroom and visa versa. The program made me a better paralegal and prepared me to excel in my career.