Inver Hills Paralegal Program


Admission and Registration procedures are subject to change. Please consult the official college catalog for current information.

Admission Requirements:

Students who have graduated from high school or who have completed a GED are eligible for admission to Inver Hills Community College – Paralegal Program.

Registration Requirements:

Potential Paralegal Program students must complete regular admission and registration procedures at Inver Hills. This is required for all students who intend to complete more than 8 credits each semester and is designed for degree-seeking or eventual transfer students. After students complete steps one through three below, they will be invited to a mandatory student orientation.

Students who attend orientation benefit by receiving assistance from a counselor with registration process, learning important policies and procedures of Inver Hills, and familiarizing themselves with the campus and available students services.

Step 1:

Complete an application online.

Apply online.

Step 2:

Request all official transcripts of prior college education to be sent directly to the Inver Hills admission’s office. Courses with a grade of “D” or lower will not transfer to Inver Hills if the cumulative grade point average from that college is lower that 2.0. A high school transcript or GED certificate is also required for students who graduated from high school within the past five years.

Step 3:

Complete the Inver Hills assessment inventory in English/reading and math. Students who transfer with a four-year degree or equivalent coursework may not need to take the assessment tests. See a college counselor or Paralegal Program Director for details.

Step 4:

Meet with a college counselor or advisor and register for classes.


See the Inver Hills website at Enrollment, click on Tuition and Payment.

Financial Aid:

The Financial Aid Program at Inver Hills Community College provides financial assistance to eligible students whose personal and family resources are insufficient to meet the minimum expense of attending college.

Grants or Scholarships:

Whenever possible, the college will attempt to meet a part of each student’s financial need through a combination of grants or scholarships, loans and/or employment. Program descriptions and applications are available from the Financial Aid Office. (651) 450-3518.


Once you are enrolled, you can register online for your courses.