Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Post-Graduate Paralegal Certificate

The Post-Graduate Paralegal Certificate Program is a concentrated academic program designed for students who wish to become paralegals, and MUST possess a bachelor or requisite associate degree. This certificate prepares graduates to meet all Paralegal Program goals, outcomes and objectives.

Paralegal courses are offered so students can complete the certificate program in as little as 18 months or longer at the students’ option. The Paralegal Program Director or College Counselors/Advisers are available to assist students to plan their courses. Also, this certificate is great preparation for law school.

Note: Students must take at least ten (10) semester credits of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction under American Bar Association Guidelines. Also, paralegals and graduates do not practice law or give legal advice unless permitted by law.

Paralegal Certificate Curriculum (30 credits)

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Students must obtain the program director’s written approval one semester in advance
of registration for internship.

Paralegal Electives

The following paralegal electives enhance students’ skills and increase knowledge
in these areas of law, but do not count toward the required paralegal coursework to
graduate. Students with paralegal experience may petition to substitute one 2-credit
paralegal class from the paralegal elective classes below (except Law Office Procedures
and Technology) for the 2-credit paralegal internship.

  • PA 1115 Law Office Procedures and Technology: 2 cr
  • PA 2206 Interviewing and Investigative Techniques for Paralegals: 2 cr
  • PA 2208 Employment Law: 2 cr
  • PA 2212 Personal Injury and E-Discovery: 2 cr
  • PA 2218 Computerized Legal Research and the Internet: 2 cr

Paralegal Certificate Completion Plan

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For more information about the Paralegal Certificate Program at 651-450-3567 or

Obtain Computer Skills Independently

It is strongly recommended that paralegal students obtain computer skills independently as these classes are not part of the program. However, students will obtain the National Society of Legal Technology Certificate through paralegal internship coursework, and be required to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the paralegal classes. The ability to use the keyboard and word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software are basic skills needed in the paralegal profession. Feel free to plan early with a counselor or program director.

Paralegal Certificate Information – also see Employment Statistics on this website for detailed Paralegal data – The Post-Graduate Paralegal Certificate can be completed in 18 months (not in 9 months)

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