Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Partially Online Paralegal Courses

Inver Hills Community College – Paralegal Program received an E-Learning Curriculum Grant from the Minnesota State College and University (MnSCU) system to take our existing paralegal curriculum and convert it to coursework available over the internet.

These online/hybrid courses will provide qualified learners with enhanced flexibility and access to our existing quality paralegal education and training while increasing enrollment in our Paralegal Program.

Online/Partially Online coursework may be subject to change.

Online/Hybrid Paralegal Courses

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Online Paralegal Course (with required orientation):

Hybrid Paralegal Courses (Part Online and Part In-class):

For your information, the Paralegal Internship course as well as other paralegal in-class courses contain online resources even though the course meets completely live in the classroom.

Note: Students must take at least nine (9) semester credits of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction under American Bar Association Guidelines.

In Fall Semester 2020, a limited number of seats* will be available for synchronous, live class attendance through an online delivery format known as Zoom. Please contact the Program Director for more details. *(first come first served registration.)

Online Liberal Arts Courses

Many liberal arts courses are offered in the online or hybrid formats. Consult the college catalog or the “Find Courses” area of the Inver Hills website for information, dates and times.