Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Paralegal Student Testimonials

Monica Steele | Paralegal Graduate
Monica Steele | 2013 Paralegal Graduate

“Everyone I met in the Paralegal program was welcoming and nice. My worries simply disappeared. I was loud in my class discussions even though I spoke with an accent. The study atmosphere was brisk. The classes are small. The instructors know everybody. They know where you are and they care about you. My instructors had very high performance requirements, but that didn’t keep them from being kind and helpful.” — Monica Steele

Cheryl Young | Paralegal Student
Cheryl Young | Paralegal Student

“I always thought of Inver Hills as the affordable place to get your general requirements out of the way. I researched a few other colleges, looking for a legal studies degree, and found the Paralegal program. I had no idea one of the best, if not the best, paralegal program in the entire state was in my backyard.” — Cheryl Young