Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Paralegal Internship Requirements

Paralegal Internship: PA 2289-01


4 Months Prior to starting the Internship
  1. Complete most of the required paralegal curriculum courses including Legal Research, and obtain a “C” or better. Also, if students have completed Legal Writing, they must obtain a “C” or better.
  2. Attend Paralegal Internship information meeting one semester prior to internship. Meetings are held in early-October for Spring interns, mid- February for Summer interns, and mid- April for Fall interns. Watch for date and times on the paralegal web page under Paralegal Events. Bring a draft cover letter, resume and Degree Audit Report (DARS) to the meeting.
  3. Registration cannot be completed online as permission must be granted by Director. Once the student’s final cover letter, resume and Degree Audit Report (DARS) are received and approved by Director, the Director will submit permission to Enrollment Services for registration.
  4. Disability Services Accommodations: It is the policy and practice of Inver Hills Community College to create inclusive learning environments, and provide students with disabilities reasonable accommodations so they have equal access to participate in educational programs, activities, and services. If there are aspects of the instruction or design of this course that result in barriers to your inclusion as a student, please notify the Director as soon as possible. For further support, and to arrange specific reasonable accommodations, students are encouraged to contact:
    Disability Services Coordinator/Academic Adviser;
    651-450-3883; Office: Library L 207
  5. Meet with and review and revise the cover letter and resume with the Paralegal Program Director.
  6. Once approved by the Director, the student will send the first choice potential supervisor a cover letter and resume with Director’s permission requesting an internship.
  7. Interview with potential internship site supervisor when contacted.
Course Procedures An internship may be established in one of two ways:

  1. College-Generated – The Director of Paralegal Program maintains a listing of private law firms, government agencies, corporate and other legal departments who have indicated an interest in a Paralegal Program internship. The Director assists the paralegal student in choosing an internship site, if needed.
  2. Student-Generated – A student may know of or try to create an internship or find a part-time job that qualifies for internship credit. If so, the student will work with the potential supervisor and the Director to obtain approval to use the site for the internship.

In both the college-generated and student-generated internships, the intern has the responsibility to search for and find the internship site as well as complete the internship under the guidance of the Paralegal Program Director to earn a grade.

During the Internship
  1. Provide the Internship supervisor the following documents which are located on the Internship D2L page.
    a. Paralegal Program Degree or
    Certificate Curriculum.
    b. Role of the Internship
    c. List of Internship Objectives.
    d. Evaluation Form.
  2. Work 180 hours and earn 2 credits at Internship site.
  3. Attend 3 scheduled Paralegal Internship meetings on campus
  4. Complete NSLT online certificate training and computer technology assignments to demonstrate competency.
  5. Set up a conference call appointment with the supervisor, program director and intern to visit by phone at 45 hours. Also, conduct a follow up call with the program director and student only at 100 hours.
  6. Give an oral presentation to fellow paralegal interns at the end of the Internship.
  7. Complete the following Internship requirements.
    a. Updated Resume
    b. Excel Student Journal
    c. Completed Online and Reading
    d.  A Writing Sample
    e.  Final Report
    f.  Evaluation Form
    g.   Oral Presentation PowerPoint
    h.   NSLT online technology training
    i.  Nondiscrimination/
    Confidentiality form at the
    beginning of the internship

This is a summary of the internship requirements only, and is subject to change. Please see the course syllabus for all details.

Students are reminded to treat every piece of information concerning clients, supervisors, or persons involved in the internship experience with utmost confidentiality, whether it is written or unwritten, including any information that comes to the student’s attention in the course of his or her internship; if this confidentiality is not observed strictly, the result will not only be extremely injurious to the clients, the supervisors or other persons but it may also subject the lawyer to possible disciplinary action for breach of confidentiality under the Minnesota Rules of the Professional Conduct, and it will be grounds for the student intern’s failure of this internship course, and grounds for suspension from the program

The Internship Site Supervisor and Facility recognize that it is the policy of the College to prohibit discrimination and ensure equal opportunities in its educational programs, activities, and all aspects of employment for all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, marital status, age, disability, status with regard to public assistance, or inclusion in any group or class against which discrimination is prohibited by federal, state, or local laws and regulations.  The Internship Supervisor and Facility agree to adhere to this policy.