Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Paralegal Inclusion Mentorship Program

In the spirit of promoting success, diversity and inclusion, and a positive college experience, the Inver Hills Community College – Paralegal Program will offer an inclusion mentorship program to all interested students. The Paralegal Program Director will coordinate student mentors to provide guidance, support and resource referral to first year paralegal students.

The Paralegal Program enthusiastically embraces and supports inclusion and diversity by encouraging all people to enroll in our program. We value and respect all people, cultures, and ethnicities, and strive to improve awareness and understanding of individual differences. We support our students and faculty by promoting uniqueness, talent, growth, development, and provide appropriate paralegal education to serve our changing community.

It is important for our program to develop and explore its inclusion and diversity as well as celebrate students’ individual uniqueness and talent. Our program has begun dialogue to explore the meaning of diversity and to grow in a diverse way. As our state population grows, we see the need to increase the numbers of diverse paralegal students and graduates to assist attorneys in the legal representation of our community.

The Paralegal Program has successfully increased its inclusion and diversity of students in the past five years. We continue to strive to increase our percentages with students from all aspects of life, cultures, values, ethnicities, and experiences. In addition, we seek to support and include other diverse students such as international students, first generation college students, male students in a female profession, and students who have physical or emotional challenges.

Support for Students

We understand that students enter the paralegal program with varied backgrounds, cultural, academic, and life experiences as well as demands of work and home-life. The Paralegal Program is rigorous, time intensive, and academically demanding. While these aspects can challenge the students’ learning process, the Paralegal Director, faculty, and staff provide guidance for student success. In addition, we want to provide a mentor relationship to make the transition and journey through the first year of the paralegal program a positive experience.


Please complete the  student inclusion survey to assist us in gathering accurate information to begin our diversity mentoring project. All responses will be anonymous.

Mentorship Program

If you are interested in being mentored by an experienced student or if you would like to mentor someone else, read about the mentorship program here. To apply, fill out the appropriate Mentorship Interest Form to indicate your willingness to serve as a mentor (offer support and assistance) or mentee (seek support and assistance).

Thank you in advance for providing us with this information to better serve our paralegal students.

Forms and the survey can be mailed to:

Paralegal Diversity Mentorship Program