Inver Hills Paralegal Program

How to Access Online

Online or Partially Online Course Access

You will need a computer and access to the Internet to take a paralegal or any other college online course.

Is Online Right for You?

The Paralegal Program and the American Bar Association require that you carefully consider whether an online or hybrid course is right for you. Not everyone has the wherewithal, desire, skill or interest to take an online or partially course.

Please go the “Is Online Right for You?” section on this website and follow instructions for self-assessment to confirm that online is the correct type of paralegal course for you. Then, write a short summary of your assessment findings. If you decide to pursue an online or partially online course, you will be asked to send your summary by email to your instructor prior to the beginning of the course.


Please go ahead and register as if you were registering for a regular, traditional course. Be sure to read the footnote in the schedule of the course and follow the instructor’s specific directions including the start and end dates of the class. You MUST attend the orientation class to learn how to use Brightspace D2L, the online system for course delivery, and how the legal content of the course and syllabus will be followed.