PA 2289: Paralegal Internship

Course Title: Paralegal Internship
Course Number: PA 2289
Credits: 2 semester credits
(Students may take an additional 1 or 2 credits of Paralegal Internship if the student desires.)
Prerequisites: Written permission of the Paralegal Program Director one semester in advance. Students must complete PA 2220 – Legal Research (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA Equivalent).
Recommendations: It is strongly recommended that students take most, if not all, of the paralegal coursework before taking the internship. Students must have completed (PA 2220) Legal Research and received a “C” or better, and should take (PA 2222) Legal Writing or should take Legal Writing at the same time as the Internship.
Catalog Description: Gives the pre-service student practical work experience in the paralegal area. Provides the student with the opportunity to develop skills and abilities to understand law office’s operation, apply the law and legal procedures, conduct legal research, write letters and memorandums, draft documents, contact clients or individuals, and maintain confidentiality and professional ethics.
Course Objectives/ Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:

  • Identify and apply legal terminology and describe the operation of the law office, governmental agency or corporation through hands-on paralegal experience.
  • Evaluate student intern’s performance pertaining to legal research, writing and document preparation, client contact, oral communication skills, collection and management of legal information, and  investigation of legal issues.
  • Identify parties, theories, key facts and issues in cases as well as maintain client confidentiality, professional responsibility and ethical standards.
  • Describe and illustrate the form, style and grammar as it pertains to legal drafting or writing.
  • Describe, interpret and evaluate how an attorney conducts an interview of a client or other individual through observation.
  • Draft and edit letters, memoranda and selected documents as well as collect information.
  • Interpret and analyze the basic rules of legal professional responsibility, ethics, confidentiality, pro bono legal work, and volunteer opportunities.
Topics Covered: Participate in 180 hours (2 credits) of paralegal work experience in a supervised legal environment. The student has the opportunity to develop skills and abilities to understand the law office’s operations, conduct legal research and writing, draft documents, contact clients or individuals, learn legal and/or court functions and procedures, and observe legal transactions or cases, and maintain confidentiality and professional ethics.
Also, students will conduct resume and cover letter writing, site preparation, conference call visits, student presentations, use of technology, and participate in interviewing, networking and job search sessions.
Course Focus: The internship is designed to help the paralegal student to apply what the student has learned in the classroom to a real-life paralegal job setting.
Outcome Measures:
  1. Written evaluation by the supervisor for whom the paralegal intern works. (80%) (Each student will be evaluated by the supervisor based on criteria supplied by the Program Director).
  2. Written assignments, oral presentations, portfolio, and meeting attendance relating to their paralegal work experience. (20%) (All assignments required by the Paralegal Director in connection with the internship must be completed for a grade to be earned).
  3. The intern has the responsibility to search for and find the internship site as well as complete the internship under the guidance of the Paralegal Program Director to earn a grade.


Grading of assignments and portfolio may include completion and timeliness. The final grade will be a full letter grade (A-F).