PA 2208: Employment Law

Course Title: Employment Law
Course Number: PA 2208
Credits: 2 semester credits
Prerequisites: Grade “C” or better in PA  1102 – Introduction to Law and Contracts or instructor’s permission
Recommendations: This course requires the knowledge of legal analysis, the ability to do light legal research based on directions provided by the instructor, and the aptitude to learn how to draft pleadings or legal documents.
Catalog Description: Provides an overview of the state and federal rules and regulations that govern the employment relationship. The topics of employment at-will shall be addressed, along with exceptions to the at-will doctrine. The course will also address the creation of implied employment contracts, wrongful discharge, employee privacy interests, and wage and hour regulations. Discrimination and sexual harassment will also be discussed with an emphasis on the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Students will study the Federal Title VII Civil Rights Act and its impact on the employment relationship. Recent legislative developments in the employment law arena will also be reviewed.
Course Objectives/ Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a command of the basic legal vocabulary in the area of employment law and Worker’s Compensation Law.
  • Summarize, apply, research, and analyze significant legal issues, and substantive and procedural laws that govern employment law including terms and conditions of employment, discharge, and employment-at-will.
  • Explain and interpret the general concepts of the legal issues of sexual harassment and discrimination as they relate to the employment relationship.
  • Interpret and analyze Title VII and the Minnesota Human Rights Act laws that impact the employment relationships.
  • Demonstrate and illustrate a general understanding of the hiring and information gathering processes.
  • Recall, interpret and analyze the rules of client confidentiality and ethical considerations as they relate to employees and employers.
Topics Covered:
  1. Introductory basic employment law vocabulary (1 hour)
  2. Identifying employment relationship, common law, contracts (4 hours)
  3. Legal employment environment, right to work statutes, discrimination problems, employer pre-employment actions (4.75 hours)
  4. Legal concerns in employment relationship and discrimination (7 hours)
  5. Title VII and Minnesota Human Right Acts (4 hours)
  6. Regulation of employment environment (3 hours)
  7. Pursuing/defending employment discrimination cases (3 hours)
  8. Ethics and employment law issues (1.25 hours)
  9. Other Classroom Activities: Review employment tried issues, case briefs and landmark cases and draft employment law documents (4 hours)

Total Semester Hours: 32 Hours

Course Focus: Topics include significant legal issues arising out of the employment relationships and introduction to the laws and practices affecting employees and employers as well as labor unions.
Outcomes Measures: The student may take exam(s) and/or prepare various legal document drafting exercises such as memorandums, pleadings, briefs, case chronologies, discovery, and deposition summaries. Case management and computer technology may be used to complete projects assigned.

Numerical grading may be used. The final grade will be a full letter grade (A-F).