PA 1102: Introduction to Law and Contracts

Course Title: Introduction to Law and Contracts
Course Number: PA 1102
Credits: 4 semester credits
Prerequisites: This course requires any of these five prerequisite categories:
1. Both of these
ENG 0099 – Introduction to Academic Writing (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA Equivalent)
READ 0093 – Reading College Texts (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA Equivalent)
2. Both of these
ENG 0099 – Introduction to Academic Writing (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA Equivalent)
READ 0094 – Reading Workshop (Minimum grade: 1.67 GPA Equivalent)
3. A score of 78 on test Accuplacer Reading Comprehension
4. A score of 250 on test Accuplacer NG Reading
5. A score of 250 on test Accuplacer NG COMP Reading
Recommendations: It is strongly recommended that students take ENG 1108 before or concurrently with this course.
Catalog Description: Introduces the student to state and federal court systems; civil and criminal law, including general contract law, tort law, and constitutional law; legal analysis; the employment functions of paralegals and its ethical implications.
Course Objectives/ Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the sources and purposes of the law.
  • Recognize, interpret and distinguish between the state and federal court systems.
  • Develop, use and discuss a basic legal vocabulary.
  • Conduct a basic level of legal reasoning and analysis.
  • State, apply and analyze the basics concepts of constitutional, tort and criminal law.
  • Conduct legal analysis of specific common law contract issues.
  • Form a contract and know what constitutes a breach of contract.
  • Summarize the facts of a case, explain the applicable law, apply the law to the facts, and reach a legal conclusion for a basic legal issue.
  • Recall, interpret and analyze the basic rules of legal professional responsibility, ethics and confidentiality.

  • Introduction to the Law and Ethics – 6 hours
  • State and Federal Courts Systems – 4 hours
  • Private Duties-Torts – 8 hours
  • Constitutional Law – 8 hours
  • Criminal Law and Procedure – 8 hours

(Hour Subtotal: 34 hours)


  • Basic Concepts-Terminology –
    1 hour
  • Offers & Acceptance – 3 hours
  • Consideration – 2 hours
  • Capacity – 2 hours
  • Legality, Statute of Frauds, Construction – 2 hours
  • Defenses to the Formation and Enforcement of Contracts – 2 hours
  • Third Party Rights and Obligations – 4 hours
  • Performance of Contract – 3 hours
  • Remedies – 3 hours

(Hour Subtotal: 20 hours)

ETHICS (2 hours)


Total Semester Hours: 64 hours

Course Focus




To provide the student with an introduction to the state and federal court systems, history and sources of law, jurisdiction, civil lawsuits, legal analysis, ethics, civil, criminal and constitutional law, and the job functions of the paralegal as well as an extensive analysis of contract law. This course is designed for the student interested in a career as a paralegal, legal administrative assistant, secretary or law enforcement personnel.
Outcomes Measures The student may take exams requiring written essay answers which include factual and legal analysis, and prepare case briefs, contract, and legal paper. Emphasis may be on oral and written communication skills, listening and reasoning skills, and the (IRAC) method of legal analysis.

Grading of assignments and exams may be on a numerical point basis. The final grade will be a full letter grade (A-F).