Inver Hills Paralegal Program

Advisory Committee

Dedicated and Experienced Advisory Committee

One of the best qualities of the Paralegal Program is our Advisory Committee. We are so fortunate to have a fantastic group of well-informed, highly motivated members to guide us to success. Each Committee member has experience and expertise that significantly contributes to our outstanding program. We receive excellent advice and direction which benefits our students, graduates and overall program.

What does the Advisory Committee do?

Our Committee meets each semester to advise and support our Paralegal Program educators and students. The Advisory Committee evaluates and verifies the quality of our paralegal education, advocates for improvement and growth, and strives to keep the program current.

What is the Role of the Advisory Committee?

The main role of our Advisory Committee is to ensure that our graduates are competent to assume the responsibilities of a paralegal. The Committee makes certain that the Program’s education and training aligns with employers’ needs, and that our American Bar Association (ABA) approval is maintained.

Committee Priorities

Our Advisory Committee must inform, assist, evaluate, and assess the program:

  • About changes and trends in the field.
  • In assessing the job market.
  • The adequacy of the library resources in accordance with ABA Guidelines.
  • The effectiveness of the total program in terms of its curriculum and objectives, the needs of the legal community, and graduate performance.

The Committee also advises, assists and publicizes the program:

  • Regarding admission standards for the students.
  • In securing competent instructors.
  • In exploring and developing career opportunities for paralegals.
  • And securing community cooperation and interest.

Who is our Advisory Committee?

Meet our wonderful blend of legal and business professionals and college personnel who are dedicated to your excellent paralegal education. A big thank you to the Committee for all their time and efforts!

Tom Van Horn
Attorney at Law
Van Horn Law Office
West St. Paul, MN

Eric Lindberg
Legal Assistant and Office Manager
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
St. Paul, MN

Patrick O’Leary
Production Coordinator
Minnesota Water Stories
Bell Museum
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Janice Vochoska
Bowman and Brooke
Minneapolis, MN

Maureen Klippen
Housing Development Officer –
Senior or Multifamily Loan Officer
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
St. Paul, MN

Alex Felegy
Senior Paralegal
Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office
Minneapolis, MN

Nathan Nelson
Attorney at Law
Virtus Law Office
Brooklyn Park, MN

Judith Minning
Community Advocate
St. Paul, MN

Mary McLaughlin
Attorney at Law
Faculty Member
Inver Hills Community College
Inver Grove Heights, MN

Shoua Madland
Academic Advisor
Inver Hills Community College
Inver Grove Heights, MN

Michelle Boe, J.D.
Senior Development Officer
University of Minnesota Foundation – Medicine and Health-Heart
Minneapolis, MN

Janica Austad, ED
Associate Dean of Career Programs/Director
Inver Hills Community College
Inver Grove Heights, MN

What is required of the Advisory Committee?

Advisory Committee members are recommended by the Committee as well as the Paralegal Director, Faculty, Employers, Internship Supervisors, and Graduates. Committee members attend at least two meetings per year and serve continuously until the member resigns or is withdraw for inability to commit to attendance. The diverse composition of the Advisory Committee follows the ABA Guideline recommendations which are constantly adhered to and reviewed by the Program Director. Anyone interested in serving on the Paralegal Advisory Committee is encouraged to contact the Associate Dean.