Tim Wynes


Welcome to Inver Hills Community College!


Dear Paralegal Student:

At Inver Hills, “community” is our middle name. Our charge, for more than 40 years, has been to serve our community by providing higher education possibilities for a variety of learners.

We believe that truly fulfilling this principle means making education accessible to all. That’s why we’ve spent recent years focusing on affordability in an effort to help our students maximize grants, minimize loans and reduce overall indebtedness.

Putting our values into action, we worked to hold the tuition and fees increases. Maintaining low tuition increases not only means college accessibility now, but it means setting our students up for financial success down the road. We’ve proven that’s happening here, as our student loan default rate is kept low. This is an indication that our students are able to pay back their student loans, even during very difficult economic times.

Helping students reduce overall indebtedness also means providing as many grant opportunities as possible. This fall, 150 Inver Hills students will receive the new Finish What You Start Grant. This funding opportunity was created by the college to provide start-to-finish assistance in tuition, books and fees to those students who might otherwise be unable to afford a college education.

And for help in the most difficult of times, we’ve joined Scholarship America’s Dreamkeepers network to help students stay in college when faced with an unforeseen financial emergency outside the classroom. This program provides financial assistance for housing, utilities, medical expenses, child care and other personal costs to students who find themselves in urgent situations.

We recognize that the need for higher education and training is more important than ever, and will continue to strive to make Inver Hills an accessible and affordable place to achieve a college education. We hope that whatever your educational needs or interests might be, we can meet them.