Résumé Tips for Presenters

Adding Your Conference Presentation to Your Resume 

Add your presentation–poster or paper–to your resume after the IHCC Annual Research Conference to improve your job applications, upward movement at work, and applications for colleges, universities, and scholarships. For industry (professional jobs), the best basic resume often provides a sentence or two after each important item. This sentence showcases what you learned from the experience. Here is an example using one type of format or style:

Poster [or Paper] Presentation: April 2018 at the Inver Hills College Annual Research Conference: “How proteins attach to viral surfaces.” Organized, coordinated/collaborated with others [if a group presentation], solved problems using best research practices, communicated concisely during the presentation, and spoke in public.

What if, instead, you are applying to graduate school, related scholarships, or a competitive college major? You may want an academic resume entry:APA Academic Style Example (for applications to many social, medical, technical, physical-science, and some business programs and scholarships):

Acker, M., Smith, J., & Yang, S. 2018 April. How proteins attach to viral surfaces. Poster [or Paper–write which one] presented at the Annual Research Conference, Inver Hills Community College, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

Chicago/Turabian Academic Style Example (for applications to history, general business, and fine arts programs and scholarships):

MLA Academic Style Example (for applications to English, humanities, and other liberal arts programs and scholarships):

Undergraduate School/Job Resumes: Is your resume basic? “Basic” means it is for jobs, other colleges, and scholarships in your first four years

(undergraduate), or jobs after you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree. If this is you, then use a basic style or format like the one shown above, at the top.Graduate School/Scholarship Resumes: Use a correct academic style and 1⁄2” hanging indents–as in the three academic styles above or other styles.

Typing: Is your resume basic? Make it easy to read: use 1-2 pp., 1”-11⁄2” margins, clear headings, and a 10- to 12-point plain font like Ariel or Calibri.Is your resume advanced/academic (for master’s-level applications)? Use 2+ pp., 1” margins, and a 12-point formal font like Times New Roman.

Academic APA Names: Alphabetize presenters by last names. Reverse each: Last Name, First Initial (for example, “Ngan, R., Ruiz, S., & Zafar. J.”).

Academic Chicago/Turabian and MLA Names: You don’t need to alphabetize names. Reverse the first person’s name: Last Name, First Name. After the first person’s name, do not reverse other names (for example, “Zafar, Jennifer, Sarah Ruiz, and Robert Ngan”). Note: If you wish, in MLA Style after the first presenter’s name, you may choose to write “et al.” for all other presenters (for example, “Zafar, Jennifer, et al.”).

Resume Help: Pick up free resume samples, or get help, at IHCC’s Center for Career Development and Community-Based Learning, 2nd floor (across from Counseling), College Center, 651-450-3683, careerdevelopment@inverhills.edu. Or submit your resume to www.collegecentral.com/inverhills.