Expectations for Oral Presentations

*FORMAT: You will be given up to 15 minutes in which to present. For some disciplines, this means reading a paper and then discussing your findings with the audience. For some disciplines, this means giving an oral presentations with visual aids, such as powerpoint images, diagrams or other visuals.

*ARRIVAL TIME: You will need to arrive at your assigned classroom 10 minutes prior to your presentation. This is especially important if you have electronic files you would like displayed. We will load all files to the computer prior to the first presenter.   Make sure your know exactly which room you will be in at least an hour before your presentation.

*STAY THE WHOLE TIME: You will be assigned a classroom with about 4 presenters. There will be a moderator who will introduce each presenter and help you navigate the classroom presentation technology. You are expected to stay for the whole session, participating as an audience member for all the sessions before and after your own. An engaged participant will ask questions of fellow presenters after their presentations.

*DRESS CODE: It is recommend that you dress professionally or business casual.

*TECHNOLOGY: You will have access to a projector, a PC computer with powerpoint, CD drive, USB drive, document camera and whiteboard. It is recommended that you bring electronic files on a flash drive. The moderator in your room can help you with the classroom technology.


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