Tips on becoming a BETTER STUDENT

Read/Revise/Organize Notes as soon as possible after class
Read textbook - ask questions on notes and text material
Do assigned problems neatly - Check answers
Record missed problems - Keep summary of significant errors
Record unsolved problems - ask questions!
Write a summary of important ideas, concepts, and skills
Reread previous summaries
Re-do miscellaneous problems from previous sets of exercises.

In examples use words to describe what you are doing & why
Carefully note words of caution and emphasized points
Leave space to clarify things later
Note words/theorems/properties to be referenced in text
Don't waste time writing what you already know

Come to class with homework completed and questions prepared
Be mentally active in class
Ask questions - Give responses

Begin homework as soon as possible after class
Work at school
Participate in study groups
Regularly use instructor office hours
Don't fall behind
Criteria used in grading homework

Your homework must:
Be on looseleaf paper (or edges trimmed if from spiral notebook)
Show assignment with page and problem numbers clear
Show all work to justify answers
Show all corrections (Do not erase incorrect work)
Show notes articulating errors
Show written summary of key ideas and concepts
Show a list of trouble areas which can be used for quick reference
Show a cumulative review